Iskra Lawrence

Every BODY with Iskra

When I was brought on to join a film crew shooting with Iskra for her upcoming wellness program, Every BODY with Iskra, I was not among her 4 million followers already familiar with her.  I just came prepared to trail them - shooting behind-the-scenes photos as well a few portraits on the fly as we went along.  I quickly learned that she is a British model, (now living in the US) who was dropped from a modeling contract at the age of 15 for being "too big" and has since become an advocate for "body positivity" as well as a vocal opponent to the excessive use of retouching.  

We spent a couple days out & about in the city filming segments of her fitness routines, fashion tips & healthy recipes to be included in her program.  We even headed over to Church Street Boxing Gym to film her training with champion boxer Heather "The Heat" Hardy.

All in all, it was a great experience, (thank you to Loup for having me) & Iskra is such a sweet spirit!  I for one would have benefitted greatly from something like this to counter the outrageous "beauty standards" being pushed on us when I was a young, impressionable girl.  It's lovely to see Iskra step up as a role model for the next generation to help reshape their self-worth.  Every little bit helps!

Iskra & Heather Hardy at Church Street Boxing Gym

Iskra & Heather Hardy at Church Street Boxing Gym